The Empire Club of Canada Foundation has published every speech ever delivered to its members and guests, every year, since 1903. 

The honour of speaking to the members and guests of the Empire Club of Canada is best exemplified by the publication of the Annual Red Book, which is published by the Empire Club of Canada Foundation. Each Red Book contains every speech delivered that season (Fall through Spring the following year). No other organization in North American can claim such continuity of publication.


The Club holds high the importance of a written record of each speech. In the digital age, we have now added video content to our website so that people around the world can now not only read its speech, but also experience it. Yet even with this new ability, we know that nothing will replace the elegance of this red leather-bound book.


Given to each Empire Club speaker, they tell us of the honour they experience knowing that their words are in the carried in the volumes that follow those of Ronald Reagan, Winston Churchill, Canadian Prime Ministers, Premiers, and Cabinet Ministers, as well as the icons of Canadian business and media.

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