Join date: Mar 22, 2021

My name is Javon S Samuel and I serve as the Toronto Junior City Councillor for Ward 10 (Spadina-Fort York), NDP Executive Member at the Spadina-Fort York Riding Association and Member of the Toronto Region Board of Trade and the Empire Club of Canada, organizational President and CEO, and lastly, a member of the SIU director's committee as an advisor on issues in society that could impact the SIU and how it deals with the police and their interaction with citizens.

I tackle multiple different issues that impact youth and young people that range from: affordable housing to post-secondary education accessibility to an increase in funding for public transit projects, anti-black and general racism and prejudice, engaged in city planning processes and plans for my ward and for the downtown toronto core, etc.

I am currently proposing my own organization/foundation that would be dedicated and committed to tackling the top issues that conflict with and often confront you on a daily basis. The organization is known as the "Toronto Youth Issues Resolution Council". We currently have 8 members at the foundation, who sit as executives.

But I would love to further promote my work and experiences around youth and young people issues by getting involved with the Empire Club and meeting and connecting with other like minded individuals!

Reach out and connect anytime! Would love to hear from you.

Thank you.

Javon S Samuel