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Financial advisor and academic, based in Toronto. Primarily work with young families and small businesses in Toronto and the GTA. Specialise in investments, insurance and estate planning. Work closely with clients to organise their financial lives, prepare for emergencies and build their investments.

Also wear this hat - Educator and writer in Philosophy and Logic. Currently co-writing a book on the 'Philosophy of Monetary Value' contracted to be published by a leading global publisher. Ph.D. from IIT Bombay, taught Philosophy & Logic at two universities and served as a Member, Board of Studies of the department of philosophy at two institutions. Extensive experience developing and teaching curricula in the Humanities. Been actively involved in institution building and curriculum design in post-secondary education.

Taught courses, delivered talks & lectured on topics including Money as Technology, Futures of Money, India as a Thought Leader, History of Ideas, Indian & Western Philosophy, Logic & Critical Thinking, Greek & Indian Intellectual Traditions, Political Philosophy, Theoretical and Applied Ethics, Design & Philosophy, Liberal Arts Curricula.

Dr. Aditya Nain