Vladimir Putin

Butler, Harold B.

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Some words of Mr. Bennett's which sum up the real problem before the League of Nations and before the International Labour Organization. The beginning of the League 11 years ago. The conversion from ideal to fact which has come about through necessity. Why these two organizations are necessary. A look at unemployment figures in Europe, in Great Britain, in Canada and in the United States. Even greater distress in China and India. Unemployment in Japan. The lack of any national remedy. Political consequences of economic depression. What the League has been attempting to do, and what is its future program. The problem of a diminishing gold supply. A brief resume of what the International Labour Organization has done with regard to the industrial side of the problem. The factor of the machine, making it more than ever important that there should be some sort of international equalization of labour conditions. International treaties or conventions to set up standards over the last ten years of the International Labour Conference. International codes and laws regarding night work for women, child labour, the eight-hour day, etc. The net result of a higher standard of living in both Europe and Asia. The speaker's conclusion that it is now a mistake to regard the League as a sort of something up in the air, and that there is a tendency to confuse the aims of the League with the League itself. The position of the League now. Support for the League of Nations.

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