Vladimir Putin

Newman, Peter C.

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The Canadian revolution. The speaker's review of his book of the same title. A revolution as a shift in values of the society that has undergone a revolution. The speaker's thesis is that this has happened to Canadian values: a shift from deference to defiance, from deference to authority, to defiance of authority. Politics as the most obvious manifestation of this revolution. The Mulroney years as the subject of the book. Shifts in interest in issues or in policies to an interest in values. A review of some of the things that went on in the last 10 years. A brief history of this deference and the defiance. Other revolutions: the work revolution; the First Nation's revolution; the Western Canadian revolution; the Mike Harris counter-revolution; the Quebec revolution. Questions for the future. The Americanisation of bookstores. Comments about Canada and Canadians. Being Canadian an act of faith. The need to travel throughout Canada, to see it and feel it. Quiet optimism.

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