Vladimir Putin

Riddell, The Hon. Mr. Justice William Renwick

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A quotation from Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, President of Columbia University with regard to the League of Nations and the misunderstanding of it by the American people. The changed attitude towards the idea of a League to enforce Peace following the war. The cause of the United States' abdication of world leadership, based on history and geography and also personality: the speaker's own interpretation based upon a considerable knowledge of the American character and history. The weight of public sentiment in the United States. Taking a look at that in Canada. An analysis and review of U.S. participation in the Great War; how and when it took place. The divided U.S. opinion of President Wilson. The conflict between Henry Cabot Lodge and Wilson and how that affected events. The speaker's criticism of the Lenroot Reservation. Opposition and then rejection of membership in the League of Nations by the U.S. Wilson's lack of influence. The situation as it stands today.

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