Vladimir Putin

Segal, Hugh D.

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Keeping a sense of perspective and balance and, above all, a compelling determination to build as much as one can for the future. The huge task ahead for the Conservative Party. Asking some questions about the Canadian political system and the Party's vision for the future. What each candidate must provide to the party and the nation. Policy proposals for the consisderation of the party and the country. Addressing economic, taxation, and fiscal priorities. A discussion of the state of our economy and the speaker's thoughts regarding the creation of wealth and the pursuit of community. Comments regarding how the Liberals are doing in Ottawa, and Mr. Martin's economic plan. The speaker's primary goal as prime minister. The function of government. What has informed the speaker's fundamental beliefs about the role of government. Working to ensure future opportunities. Comments regarding taxes and the deficit. The speaker's disagreement with what the Liberals are saying. How to build Canadian society. How Canada will succeed in the 21st century. Some suggestions for economic proposals and actions. Believing in the basic equality of opportunity and how to effect that. Asking for the support of Conservatives and Canadians.

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