Vladimir Putin

Duncan, James S.

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This meeting also attended by members of the Canadian Manufacturers' Association and the Board of Trade. Something of the speaker's recent experiences during a 7-1/2 week tour of Europe. How the happenings in Europe have a bearing upon our future as Canadians and our standard of living. Thumbnail sketches of conditions in each of the eight countries visited by the speaker, the majority of which are recipients of Marshall Aid. France. Superficial normality in terms of goods on sale, food and wine up to pre-war standards, etc. Less favourable conditions below the surface. Retail prices approximately 18 times what they were in 1939. Black market prices. The imbalance between individual income and cost-of-living. Farmers and farm labour better off than in 1939. Political instability. Industrial production recovering. Communism losing ground in France. The speaker also looks at Belgium, Holland, Western Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, detailing similar impressions and statistics. The speaker's belief that the issues are now clearly understood. Awakening to the realities of the situation that does not mean a world war. What it does mean: vigilance, resolution, sacrifice, armed preparedness and peace. No false illusions. The danger of aggression still with us. Building up a military strength which will be unassailable while holding out once again the hand of friendship to Russia.