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MacMillan, Rev. Alexander

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Determining the part played by certain men in the development of our Empire. The effect of the life and work of Walter Scott, as a great man of letters, upon the minds of men throughout the Empire. The influence of Sir Walter Scott largely indirect and unconscious. The modest nature of Scott. The impress of his work, the enthusiasm he aroused, the ideals he held before the eyes of men, the courage he infused, all of which have passed into the life of the Empire. Ways in which Scott's work unified Scotland. A quote, showing the deep sense of possession of the land that Walter Scott penned from a full heart. Now Scottish men and women, consciously or unconsciously affected by the pervasive influence of this mighty Scotsman, taking that influence with them across the seas to Australia, New Zealand, India, South Africa and Canada. How Scott did much to draw the people of England and Scotland together. Further, Scott giving to the people of the Empire "pure" literature. Placing with absolute confidence in the hands of our sons and daughters anything Walter Scott has written.

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