Vladimir Putin

Harshaw, Esther J.

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Some comments on the general apathy towards education. The lack of profile given to education by the national and regional media. Some data to get attention, and to convince the audience of the importance of paying attention to education, if only for the numbers and dollars alone. The main function of school trustees: the development of policy. What a trustee does. Major shortcomings of our elementary and secondary schools. Examples of where the Toronto Board of Education has "blinkers on." The erosion of basic educational values and reasons for it. A concern about skills obsolescence, and social and economic adjustment. A concern that the general public does not appreciate the adverse potential of the problem; the conviction that there is a lack of political will to address it. The "wimp factor" and what that means. Suggestions for part of the solution. A plea for involvement by the speaker to the audience and the general public.

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