Vladimir Putin

Penman, A. Scott; Coombs, Clive; McLachlan, Moira

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Clive Coombs: The speaker's outlook on the bond market for the year ahead. Giving the bond market another look. An examination of four areas that affect the bond market over the longer run: economic growth versus inflation; the supply of bonds; central bank alertness; real yields. Summarizing remarks. What is causing problem right now. Scott Penman: An exciting road ahead for investors in the Canadian marketplace. The rollercoaster ride of the last 18 months. An uneasy time for those who manage mutual funds. Where markets will be headed over the next 10 years. A review of the past two decades. Some old predictions. Some of the current wisdom for the decade ahead. Why the rest of the Canadian market failed to generate the same level of enthusiasm as that small group of very dynami stocks. The missing element of tax relief. Losing our best to the U.S. Other factors holding us back. How a value investor deals with these issues. Looking for strong performs over time. Canadian markets becoming more attractive to foreign investors. Why Canadian investors may be looking elsewhere. The need for a clear international strategy. Examples of strong companies. Selling points for Canadian stocks. A word of wisdom for the speaker's friends on Bay Street. Moira McLachlan: A number of factors pointing to outsized returns from international markets this year. A discussion of the most attractive opportunities in markets around the world for 2000. The global economic cycle as supportive. Where the source of growth is expected to be. A rebalancing of global growth. Structural changes taking place in markets around the world. Valuations attractive particularly in relation to the U.S. market. The outlook for Europe. The recovery in Asia. Remaining cautious about Japan. Emerging markets.

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