Vladimir Putin

Woodside, Willson

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Reference to the recent Soviet accusation against Canada of a great anti-Soviet campaign, based on our official statement of the scope of a spy ring and fifth column activity in this country. The speaker's detailed discussion, entitled "The Russian Riddle" proceeds under the following headings, which serve to summarize topics addressed: Diplomacy On Military Lines; Some Facts For Deluded Canadians; The Soviets Are Still Very Russian; Comintern More Active Than Ever; Were They Right On Munich?; We Have Not Used "Atomic Diplomacy"; Soviet's Isolate Selves At 'Frisco; A Friendly Offer Rejected; The Soviet Post-War "Line"; What Soviets Expected In 1939; Better Multi-nationalist System?; More Steel; Potential Enemies; One World: Free World. The speaker's conclusions of Soviet action warn of the dangers of an intensive propaganda campaign being carried out through the whole Moslem world from their vast new military program and their grab for oil all around their borders; that the Soviets see us and our way of life as potential enemies; that they will use UNO for what it is worth in securing the period of peace which they will need while intensifying their work inside all other countries, especially in those all around their border, from Poland to Manchuria. He ends with a short discussion on how to deal with the Soviets, discarding appeasement as a viable alternative. Working for One World, a Free World and the need not to compromise on this.

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