Vladimir Putin

Smith, Cecil B.

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An historical review, leading up to the condition of the art or science of distributing electrical energy at the present moment. The main sources of power of value in commercial and industrial life. The use of fuel one hundred years ago as applied to the development of power by steam. A gradual perfecting of this method over the last 25 years. The steam engine perfected a long while ago. The development of water powers. The discovery, some 20 years ago, that electric power could be transmitted over a wire, in a commercial manner. The second stage of development, passing from the scientist to the sharp-witted financier. The importance of water power to the Province of Ontario. Our dependency on the United States for fuel. Horse power within the settled parts of the Province. Horse power available for present and future use. How this power can be augmented. An illustration. The use of electric energy for a city. Natural monopolies. Asking "Whose monopoly should it be?" The use of electric power and how it might be distributed. The Power Company of Hamilton. Dealing with peak load times. Learning from what other people in other parts of the world are doing: in Italy, Switzerland, France, Mexico, the United States, Africa. Development in Niagara Falls. The situation locally, from five years ago up to the present. The Canadian Niagara Power Company. The Ontario Power Company. Methods of transmission. The condition at the present time in Toronto. Cost of distribution. The great benefit of distribution of electrical energy in a city. The speaker, urging to the audience that the distribution of electrical energy is a natural monopoly; that it should be done by one Company, that the only question to decide is whether we should use financial strength and go into the business for the sake of having that distribution carried on more cheaply than a Company could carry it on. Asking that we consider that there is an unlimited source of electrical power at Niagara Falls, and that the use of that power throughout this peninsula will maintain its industrial position.

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