Vladimir Putin

Marburg, Hon. Theodore

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The hope that the new world will witness the end of the madness of preparing for another war as soon as one is ended. Preventing war, or at least rendering it impossible for any State to make preparation for war the principal business of the body politic. Organizing the world against the possibility of sudden and wanton aggression by setting up institutions, both negative and positive, which will make for justice. Objections to such organizations contrasted with the awful experiences of the present war, themselves contrasted with the potential wholesale disaster should scientific instruments of destruction now used be perfected and employed against mankind in a future world struggle. The need for the modification of sovereignty which leads to true liberty between the nations. Demanding institutions, for the first time, which will discourage war. The promising plan advanced by the Peace Congress under the leadership of President Wilson. The basis for confidence in the Paris Peace Conference and in the successful working of the instrument which may be born there. Privileges of membership in the League of Nations. Details and features of the Paris Constitution, with specific Articles quoted. Compulsory investigation as the significant thing underlying the various methods contemplated by the Paris Constitution for the peaceful settlement of disputes. Speculation that such a provision might have prevented Germany from going to war. Evidence that inquiry into a dispute tends to effect a settlement. Expectations for when the League is in full operation.
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