Vladimir Putin

Church, Senator Frank

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The speaker's declaration of himself as an out-spoken critic of American foreign policy. The subject of Revolution and World Order. The two dominant nations in the world, the United States and the Soviet Union, suffering from a neurotic sense of insecurity. The tremendous cost of their nuclear armories. The immediate threat that each superpower perceives from the other: its ideological impact on third countries, particularly those which it regards as its protective buffers. How the various interventions of the two nations are defended not only as legitimate defensive measures but as positive services, with some examples. The fragility and shortsightedness of the policy of repressing revolution. The morality issue of repressing revolution. A third fatal defect: it goes against the American grain. The vital question and the answer: "we must and can learn to live with widespread revolutionary turmoil." Why that is so. The lack of moral or legal right of a great power to impose its will on a small country even if the latter does things which affect it adversely. Nothing new about the policy of nonintervention: the history for America. Arguments against nonintervention. Positive benefits from pursuing a policy of nonintervention. The critical factor of nationalism as the engine of change in modern history. Taking a leaf from the Chinese outlook. Guaranteeing national security. The greatest danger to American democracy. The contradictions of America's present approach to foreign policy; a few basic inferences that can be drawn from recent experience.

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