Vladimir Putin

Polanyi, John C.

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Canadian Club of Toronto. A brief personal history, including the progress of the speaker's research. The role of his graduate students. Their intellectual courage and what that means. Some discussion of the nature of research. The speaker's regret at the lack of support for research in Canada. Reasons for scientists to work abroad. The dangers of restricting science to developed fields where the links to technology are most evident. Examples of long-term payoffs when science is allowed to attempt to answer fundamental questions and, having answered them, suggests fundamentally new approaches in the realm of applications. Waste at universities of human resources due to underfunding. Why Canada needs both flourishing science in addition to vigorous technology. An illustration of the themes addressed in the field of nuclear technology. The reduction in arms debate and SDI. The challenge to mankind made by science and technology, through the advent of weapons of mass destruction.

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