Vladimir Putin

Frost, The Honourable Leslie M.

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The speaker's background and involvement in education. Education as Canada's greatest problem, greatest challenge, and greatest opportunity. Changes over the last 20 years in Ontario; in education almost a revolution. Some of the changes and the factors that brought about the changes. Statistics. Comparisons of school and university population and a look at the costs involved. Cost as an investment in human resources, upon the success of which our future will depend. The objective of equality of opportunity. Universities in Ontario over the past 20 years: what has been done. Funding the universities. The Committee on University Affairs recommendation to the Government for the establishment of a Department of University Affairs. What this will enable. Change from traditional methods within the universities, with examples from Waterloo, McMaster, and York universities. Some personal views of the speaker of the possibilities in higher education, not related to the university as such. A plan for higher education that "should be designed to utilize our manpower in the best way." Optimism for the future of higher education in Canada.

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