Vladimir Putin

MacNicol, J.R.

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Monthly reports in reference to the continually and progressively decreasing water levels of the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence Waterways. Some figures. The Dominion Government finally taking note of these figures. A board of engineers to ascertain what remedies could be advanced or used to increase the level of the St. Lawrence River. The speaker makes reference to the map provided to each person in the audience, for purposes of understanding the situation, and following remarks by the speaker. The subject of the decreasing water levels is discussed for three different periods: 1860, 1900, and 1935. [This map is also included in the publication--Indexer] Reasons for choosing these years for examination. Events that marked these years. Empirical evidence easily witnessed by those who look at the Lakes. The issue of the Chicago Drainage Canal and the diversion of water. The lack of regulation as to the amount Chicago can divert for domestic purposes. Some figures as to the amount of water diverted. Other examples of depletion of the Great Lakes. The issue of forestation and reforestation as a way by which we can revive our great barren areas and at the same time raise the Great Lakes levels. The factor of precipitation. The deepening of lake outlets. The water level of Lake Superior remaining standard, and why. Inversions and the proposed Ogoki inversion. Results of the speaker's study of the Ogoki River. Problems with the scheme. Some concluding remarks. Letting Canada look after its own water in its own country, and any related development.

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