Vladimir Putin

Tweedsmuir, His Excellency, Baron

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and the Canadian Club. The Art of Living, and the great influence that the enjoyment of the pleasures of life has on professional efficiency. A few observations on those seasons when our harness is unloosed and we are turned out to grass. The importance of leisure in life. An enormous subject with many extensions into sociology and economics. Today witnessing the triumph of the machine and what that triumph has meant in terms of our toil. The drastic reconstruction of industry. Making the machine our slave, and not the reverse. The cultural side of leisure. Satisfaction obtained from leisure activities and pursuits. Ways in which leisure, rightly used, is essential to our professional success. Some illustrative anecdotes. The chance to discover ourselves, the opportunity to assess true values and to give our souls that rest and returning which should be our strength as the fruits of leisure.