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Rudd, David and Seco, Professor Luis

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David Rudd: How to insulate ourselves from market risk. Some background information about Refco Futures. Some details about Futures. A review of recent events. Where an investor can go if concerned about exposure to economic growth. The importance of the year 2001. Strategies and skills. Urging the audience to learn more about a group called Commodity Trading Advisors (CTAs) who continue to make money, regardless of the economy. Refco's Index of all CTAs. Reasons why profits are consistent. The factor of non-correlation. Things being not always as they seem. An illustration of what is meant by skill. Combining the returns to reduce risk even further. Comments on Prof. Seco's research. The thesis that true skill will save a portfolio from significant damage. Investors responsible for protecting themselves. Refco's strategy of using managed futures to generate a consistent return and insulate one from the risks of the market. Professor Luis Seco: The University of Toronto's attempts to bring its research component closer to the industrial community. The speaker's part in that mission since 1996. Refco's approach to the group in 1997. The questions to be determined. What was learned during the course of the study. Understanding risk. Some conclusions.

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