Vladimir Putin

Carrel, The Honourable Frank

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The task of providing jobs for our heroes when they return from Berlin. Reference to a previous address by the speaker concerning his attempts to organize an Empire Economic League in Britain. Some further remarks on this topic. The benefits of such a scheme. The ability to regulate in an orderly and profitable manner a new conception of Empire trade on a broad, mutual, co-operative plan. Results of these efforts. Then, the effort to help save our forests and our forest industries by removing them from political partisan influences. The need to arouse public opinion to the seriousness of the situation through publicity and education. An illustrative example of why this is needed, including some facts and figures. The urgency of the situation. The issue of pro-ration. The potential dangers of regulation. Disparities between Ontario and Quebec regarding export prohibitions of pulpwood from Crown Lands. Canada's over-abundance of natural resources and our administration of it. Consequences of waste and neglect of such administration. Competition from the United States. Steps to be taken towards meeting this competition. The speaker's efforts. The need for unity of effort and co-ordination in effecting necessary economies; for uniform regulations and understanding of modern conservation methods, sane labour arrangements, stumpage dues and taxes. Breaking down the barriers now impeding the cost of our forest products. Making our people forest-minded. Using examples from Japan and the Scandinavian nations. The lack of spending on conservation in Canada. Specific suggestions for education, technical training, subsidies, etc. Introduction of a bill in Quebec to smooth out some of the difficulties of the mill owners. Reasons for preserving and conserving our forests. Some recent statements, made publicly, of relevance to the speaker's comments, and quoted here. Conclusions embodied in three specific suggestions: the appointment of an international commission to conciliate differences and improve our relationship with our best newsprint consumers in the U.S.; the appointment of a Federal board to further a more orderly and uniform application of Provincial and Dominion legislation to aid and develop our export trade; the appointment of Provincial Commissions of forest experts to administer local management and control. Some words about the future. New competitors for Canada. Future traders. Post-war duties and responsibilities. Going back to pre-war conditions. Listening to our practical men. Spreading the truth through publicity and education.

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