Vladimir Putin

Woodside, Professor Willson

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The speaker's presence in Germany before, during, and after the Hitler Revolution and his resulting chronicles of Germany and the Nazi Revolution. The Germans as a people without a sense of humour. Some anecdotes to illustrate the grim situation in Germany. The "Clean-up" of June 30. A Germany of mass executions. The Nazi uprising and the assassination of Chancellor Dolfuss in Vienna. Activities of the Black Guards. Distinguishing between blustering, bullying Nazism and the Germany of friendly, hospitable people, of music and fairy tales, of the Rhine and Heidelberg. The speaker's visit to Saar, which seemed like the Germany of pre-Hitler days. The speaker's interpretation of the feelings of the average little German man in 1934, a victim of the Government's unremitting, dangerous and often vicious propaganda. The German people being told that "The Whole World Is Against Us" and the effects of such propaganda. Effects of the defeat of the Great War. The driving force behind Hitlerism: defiance of the world which caused them all they have suffered. Evidence of early propaganda, to seven and eight-year-olds. Hitler to the German people as the Liberator of the Fatherland from Versailles. The Nazis' main purpose to prepare the moral basis for re-armament. Propaganda that will play a very important role in domestic developments in Germany. Speculation as to the future. The speaker's belief that Hitlerism will not last through 1935 in its present form and under its present leaders. Several strong forces in Germany today, jockeying for power. The possibility that Hitler may be removed by death; what might happen if he is. The speaker's conviction that in the end the natural strength and ability of the German people will bring them to a better place. A plea for sympathy for the German man.

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