Vladimir Putin

Wingate, Henry S.

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Two basic respects in which the modern world is different from what it was when we entered World War II. The first has to do with a world that has become a geographical entity due to advances in transportation and communications which have shrunk distances to a fraction and have drastically intensified contacts with other nations and cultures. The second is an acceleration of the pace of events. The redistribution of world political power since the beginning of WWII, and other key events. The increase of interdependence. The continuing central task of those in business remains to find profitable ways of linking resources in one place with markets in another; to assemble and put to work capital from willing individuals and institutions wherever they are located, and to attract people with the necessary skills and talent from wherever they are to wherever they are needed. The increased complexity of those tasks. Problems for the international businessman. Differences from the familiar problems of domestic business, with a detailed discussion. Some suggested solutions to these problems: four principles that can serve to create an atmosphere of mutual respect. Compromising without sacrificing anyone's essential interests. Sensitivity to the legitimate views of those involved, responsiveness to them, and adaptability and imagination in finding means of reconciling the many interests as central to Inco's thinking for success.
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