Vladimir Putin

Dr. Leo de Bever

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The provincial government's dream to create another strong pension endowment manager, this time in Alberta

The speaker's participation in Ontario Teachers for almost 10 years. How we intend to give substance to the provincial government's dream to create another strong pension endowment manager, this time in Alberta. The larger Alberta growth story. Opportunities for technology from the rest of Canada to help solve some of Alberta's energy issues. The outlook for returns on both in and out of energy. What AIMCo and other Edmonton financial institutions represented here today have to offer. Some statistics about Alberta's economy. The need for greater financial-sector support. The speaker's business background in Alberta over the last 25 years. The Alberta Finance Institute. Alberta's MBA program. Today the darkest moment before the dawn. Remarks about the global economy. AIMCo to take full advantage of the investment opportunities. What will happen when growth resumes. Challenges in a resource economy like Alberta. Bringing in the right technology and why that is crucial. AIMCo - a description. Being separate from government absolutely crucial to AIMCo's success and how that is so. Adapting media policy. Objectives and measuring outcomes. The kind of manager AIMCo is likely to be in the future. Some expectations. Getting the right people. Common sense and cost efficiencies. Being open to working with other pension funds, endowment funds and other institutional investors on large projects. An invitation.

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