Vladimir Putin

Greenwood, Hamar

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Speaking from the point of view of the home country, and of a man who views the British Empire from the royal palace of Westminster and from the Colonial Office, and not so much as one who so often in Canada views the Empire only from the local platform. The three possibilities before us as a Dominion: absorption with the American Republic; independence; the maintenance of our present position and a strengthening as the first daughter nation of this the greatest Empire the world has ever seen. The unthinkable nature of the first woo possibilities. Speaking as an advocate of the third possibility. The increased and increasing Imperial responsibilities that this position entails upon Canada. Words and acts of us as Canadians to be done with thoughtful consideration as to the effect upon the British Empire as a whole. Letting our mental attitude become less and less local and more and more Imperial in dealing with the foreign affairs of the Dominion, which means its relations with the Empire. The issue of the treatment of the Japanese in terms of immigration to Canada. Two things essential for a practical realization of our dream, our belief in the unity of the British Empire: a unanimity of purpose; a unanimity of method. Two great things which are gradually uniting the whole of the varied races that swear allegiance to the flag: the all-red route scheme which has taken hold in England; and Sir Sandford Fleming's great Imperial cable scheme.