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Clark, The Rt. Hon. Joe

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First, an extension of greetings from Her Majesty, from His Honour Hal Jackman, as a celebration of Canada Day. A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Royal Commonwealth Society. The importance of demonstrating our passion for Canada, and for Canadian unity and purpose regularly, in our actions as a community. Paying attention to the threats against unity and Canada's future. Mr. Parizeau's change in the referendum question. Some observations about the last referendum, and the upcoming one. The speaker's warning, and attempt to "begin some discussion about the practical things that might be done by Canadians who want to have a constructive influence on developments in Quebec." Suggestions. Making a point of speaking well of our country. Finding reasons over the next few months "to go into Quebec, listen to what people are saying, and talk about the country you know." Beginning to "talk more about the kinds of arrangements we think could work in a modern federal Canada." The need to find ways to demonstrate that Quebec is not alone in wanting changes. Supporting Mr. Chretien. Factors that are new since the Charlottetown process that add momentum to the prospects of re-shaping our Federation: fiscal reality and genuine societal change. Three points about our country; none so fundamental that "it should cause a country to fail." Canada as a country that has every reason to success and to thrive." Canada future up to Canadians.

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