Vladimir Putin

Ware, Major-General Sir Fabian

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How, in building up the Imperial War-Graves Commission, we have really done something useful in regard to Imperial co-operation. Canada's devotion and dedication to the British Commonwealth of Nations, with examples. Reference to the speaker's address 18 years ago. The Imperial powerstation which was created when even before the war was over the Empire was called upon to build up an organization which would care for our graves in all parts of the world. The sentiment which provided an atmosphere of calm consideration in which to deal with the problems of the mechanics of such an undertaking. Obtaining public sanction. Seeking an Imperial legislative machine, found in the Imperial Conference. Seeking an existing Imperial administrative machinery to which a new department could be attached; having to create one. How a system of imperial administrative control was established, as it had never been established before. Ways in which this organization is truly representative and truly imperial. An example of how such an organization leads to co-operation in the wider sphere of politics.