Vladimir Putin

Wright, W. John; Mindszenthy, Bart

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John Wright Reference to Dr. Angus Reid's speech on 1991. Parenting as an issue that could change the very backbone of our country. Some of the key findings of public opinion on attitudes concerning this issue. A prologue of what will play out over the next two decades. Reference to David Foot's "Boom, Bust and Echo." The end of mandatory retirement in Ontario. Some demographic figures and what they might mean. Choices to make on public funding levels and the role of pirvate and public sectors. Some results of polls done two weeks ago by Ipsos-Reid for this even today and over the last couple of months for clients. Ways in which the future has already begun. Various societal impacts. Some concluding statistics and remarks. Bart Mindszenthy Our parents. Parent care and our unpreparedness for it. A journey of discovery. The role reversal. Some guiding principles and a brief discussion of each: Slow everything down; Treat parents with dignity and respect; Stay close to health-care providers and ask lots of questions; Plan ahead; Find day-to-day balance in your own life; Dump the guilt. Some concluding remarks.

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