Vladimir Putin

McCrimmon, Dr. A.L.

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A discussion of the speaker's thesis that whatever may come out of the treaty and covenant of the League of nations, if we can avert misunderstanding between the two great branches of the English-speaking peoples the peace of the world is assured. How the English-speaking peoples have in their hands virtually the peace of the world. The opportunity for peace (or war) before us now. Comments with regard to the relationships between the people of the British Empire and the people of the United States. Developing public opinion. The advisability of the speaker's suggestions to get these two peoples together. The affinity between these two parts of the English-speaking peoples. The element of sentiment. Establishing and maintaining bonds of permanent unity. Commonalities between the two peoples. An illustration using the Monroe policy. Common principles, such as anti-militarism. English as a world language. Intellectual and religious ideals. Literature. The principles of self-government, liberty, and justice. Thinking in world terms, with policies respecting our own advancement and development of our empire surrounded by those world terms.

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