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Ready to Restart: Toronto’s path forward beyond COVID-19

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

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Mayor of Toronto, John Tory

Ready to Restart: Toronto’s path forward beyond COVID-19

Mayor John Tory will speak about the work Toronto has done over the last year fighting the COVID-19 pandemic and the road ahead for Canada’s largest city in 2021.

John Tory

Mayor of Toronto

Born and raised in Toronto, Mayor Tory has spent his life giving back to the city he loves, through his tireless work in public, private sector and philanthropic roles.

John Tory is the current Mayor of Toronto, first elected in 2014 and re-elected in 2018.

Throughout his tenure as Mayor, he has prioritized investments towards affordable housing, transit, poverty reduction and modernizing the government services on which people rely. He has pushed for more investments from other levels of governments and has maintained strong relationships with them to ensure that the needs of Toronto are being met.

Under his leadership Toronto has become a world class city that guides itself on being diverse and inclusive while earning its reputation as an undisputed hub for technology and innovation, and film and tv productions.

During the pandemic, the Mayor has been steadfast in helping Toronto residents and businesses with crucial supports and services to help them get through these challenging times, Whether it’s introducing new programs to get businesses online, helping business deliver their products to residents, providing much-needed aid to areas hardest hit by the pandemic, or working with the province to expand testing, the Mayor has worked hard to make sure that Toronto will get through this pandemic stronger than ever.