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Stanfield, The Honourable Robert

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The Province of Nova Scotia as very much part of the Canadian scene. Some prominent Nova Scotians. Conditions in Nova Scotia today. A promising outlook. A spirit of optimism and of confidence in the province, one reason being the development of a real Maritime outlook and a sincere measure of regional co-operation over the past few years. The speaker's belief that the people of the Atlantic area are willing to accept measures which applied to the region may be better for one province and perhaps less so for another. The desire by all four Atlantic governments to see a causeway built which will join Prince Edward island to New Brunswick, and to see a federal power development program for the Maritimes that is consistent with the interests of New Brunswick. The publication "The Atlantic Advocate" as a unifying spirit of the Atlantic Provinces. Other factors at work in Nova Scotia today. The right time for an all-out positive and constructive attack on Maritime problems. The speaker's confidence that this is going to happen. Some political history. Education in the Maritimes. How the Maritimes at times suffer for the success of the rest of Canada. Unequal and unreasonable hardship imposed on the Atlantic economy by nationally-imposed credit restrictions, and some effects of those restrictions. The need for practical, forward-looking realism. Facing the future with confidence in Nova Scotia.

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