Vladimir Putin

Reade, John Collingwood

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A brief review of the current and recent war situation. What we were talking about at the beginning of this past summer. What has happened since then. The German move eastward towards Russia. The elation when we learned that the Russians were prepared to fight. Our best expectations realized. An observed trend towards a morbid pessimism. The question as to whether the Allied fortunes have improved, and the prospect of ultimate victory brightened during the past five months, or whether the course of the Russian campaign has placed us in greater jeopardy. Attempting to answer this question by striking a balance between the advantages and disadvantage accruing to the enemy, and assessing his chances of winning a decisive victory. Admitting our lack of knowledge of Russian resources and productive capacity, and about German losses and economic reserves. Speculation with regard to these issues. An examination and analysis of both the Russian and German positions. The respective loss of manpower the most difficult factor to assess. The encouraging inability of the German Air Force to win undisputed ascendancy over the Russian Air Force, unlike the German campaign in Poland. British and American material help in this area as perhaps a decisive factor in frustrating German efforts to break the western system of Russian defenses and communication. How we can bring the greatest measure of aid to our Russian allies without jeopardizing the Allied cause by exposing some other vulnerable spot for the German to attack. The issue of opening up another front. Remembering that it is more important to win the war than to win the battle. Political considerations. The best way to help Russia: assuring the ultimate defeat of Hitler. Preventing Hitler from obtaining more oil in the Middle East. Some words about the threat which appeals to prejudice on the one hand and to sentimentality on the other, with respect to our dealings with Russia. Some realities of the Soviet State. The need to join forces with any who fight Hitler. The issue of Russia as an ally. Understanding the consequences of a German victory over Russia.

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