Vladimir Putin

Macaulay, Hugh L.

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A description of Ontario Hydro. Ontario Hydro's role to play in making Ontario's products competitive. Electricity prices. Upward and downward pressures on prices and factors that affect these pressures. Ontario Hydro's contribution to the Ontario economy over the last few years. The three megaprojects: the Pickering B, Bruce B, and Darlington nuclear generating stations and their economic benefits to Ontario. Keeping electricity rates attractive. A corporate strategy which focuses on three major features: restrained spending, working with customers to get the best use out of existing facilities, and diversifying into related opportunities where it profits the economy to do so. Two major areas of restraint: capital construction projects and operations, with details for trimming budgets. Essential operations cutbacks. Making spending cuts without seriously affecting the quality of service. Hydro's strategy to selectively encourage the use of electricity. A matter of "conserve and substitute." The Canada Oil Substitution Program. The need for Canadian homeowners to reduce their reliance on oil and why. Exporting power to the United States. Diversification. The wise use of power.

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