Vladimir Putin

MacDonald, The Right Hon. Malcolm

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What we do and what we can influence our leaders to do in the next two or three years and how these decisions will influence future generations. What has been happening to the Western Front in Europe lately. Vital blows struck at Germany. The capacity of the enemy to keep up a stout fight. The danger that the United Nations will become disunited and throw away their painfully gathered fruits of victory. Causes of the frictions which have arisen. An examination of the unhappy situation in Greece and how the British came into it. The three reasons why the British went into Greece: after consultation the American authorities and the Russian authorities both agreed that they should go, Greece being a place where the British could most appropriately assume the heavy responsibilities which fall upon the United Nations in their attempt to restore peace an order to a war-shattered Europe; because they received a unanimous invitation and, indeed, a unanimous appeal from the Greek Government, to provide and make possible the distribution of food and other supplies to people who otherwise would have starved; to help create conditions in which absolutely free elections could be held. The Greek tragedy as only one example of the sort of difficulties which we are going to face as we emerge form the war into peace. The need for nations to stand together as we come into peace.

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