Vladimir Putin

Strange, William

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Some clarification of events in Britain, and in the Far East. The air and sea blitz which has been treacherously unleashed by the Japanese. The damage inflicted upon the American and British forces and how that might alter the course of the war. Precautions being taken on the Pacific Coast lines of both Canada and the United States. The great risk involved for the Japanese in sending some of their few aircraft carriers all the way across the Pacific. Remembering the nature of the enemy. Possible "blitzes" on our Western Pacific coastal towns. The striking power of the Germans at the start of the Battle of Britain. Awakening the general public to the dangers of this war. The opportunity for Canada and the United States to show the "mettle of our pasture." The speaker's appreciation to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for the chance to go into the blitz and then have the opportunity to create accurate word pictures of the disturbing truth and, also, of the magnificent and inspirational happenings which form the living pattern of Britain in this war. Some of the speaker's personal experiences. Emerging with the question "How long can London go on taking it like that?" The speaker's confidence, now that the United States is with us, that "there must be much less TAKING IT from now on and a great deal more DISHING IT OUT." Some words written for a radio play by the speaker, coming out of an experience he had in England. The need to develop a much greater understanding of the danger of our position, and a more solid determination to face that danger in an intelligently active way.

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