Vladimir Putin

The Honourable Jim Flaherty

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The presentation of the budget yesterday in Ottawa. Where we are and where we are going. Some reference to members of the audience. The permanent sharing of the federal gas tax. The third budget of this Government of Canada. An economic plan for Canada. Steps taken yesterday as additional ones in implementing the economic plan for Canada. Hoped-for results. Achieving continuity - a cumulative effect. The slowdown in the United States. Challenges in Canada. The stimulus for the Canadian economy - some details. The ability to reduce taxes. Comments about the taxes on new business in Ontario. Being prepared for the economic slowdown. Canada with its economic fundamentals in order. Assurances that the government will stay in a balanced budget position. Continuing to run a surplus. Reducing debt and why we should do that. Reducing debt to reduce taxes. The Tax-Free Savings Account and why it has been introduced. Accompanying costs. Moving forward with carbon sequestration. The Community Development Trust. Helping older workers. Help for the auto sector. The Auto Innovation Fund and why it was created. Time for restructuring in the forestry sector. A concluding look at the big picture.

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