Vladimir Putin

McBride, Hon. Sir Richard

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A few western words on a theme of Canada and Empire. Canada emerging from the status of youth, and quickly taking on ourselves that of the full grown man; a time of trial, a period that needs courage. Taking on the full responsibility of national manhood by closer co-operation with the British Empire. Material prosperity in Canada today due to the contact that we have had with the great money markets of London. If we are to continue to go to London for our financial aid, that treasure house must continue to be protected; that protection involving an efficient navy. Owing it to ourselves and to those who have gone before us to approach this theme upon higher and nobler grounds. A consideration of the naval question. A great division all over the country with regard to what was proposed by the Prime Minister of Canada a few months ago. The failure of Canada a few months ago to give over the $35,000,000 to London for emergency assistance and how it has created a most profound impression in the Old Country. The best way to reach the superlative degree of loyalty of this kind is to be true and loyal Britishers as well. Looking upon a picture that the next 50 years will bring, if we all pull loyally and strongly together, which must place Canada in the front place in Empire history.

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