Vladimir Putin

White, The Right Hon. Sir Thomas

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The widespread interest of Canada's immigration problem. The speaker's intention to discuss only the broader national aspects of the problem: Canada's present situation as to population; the question of need for immigration; if needed, upon what scale and of what kind; sources from which to draw immigration; polices and measures that should be adopted to effectuate the end we have in view. Population figures, and reasons for them. Emigration from Canada to the United States. Why there is a concern about immigration. The kind of immigration that Canada needs. Agreement about who would be best suited to immigrate to Canada. Looking first to the British Isles for new Canadians, and why we do so. Obstacles to settlement in Canada today. The suitability of immigration from the Scandinavian countries. The question of immigration from the United States. How we may increase the volume of desirable immigration. A review of proposed schemes. An examination of a policy we could adopt to assist land settlement schemes. An examination into the conditions of our large volume immigration of the past. The factor of the construction and development of Canada's railway system. The two sides of the question: the desire for immigration from Britain and whether or not they will come. Conditions under which people will be attracted to Canada, again looking back into past times of heavy immigration. The present situation. The need for highway construction to open up Canada for settlement. Promoting Canada as an attractive place for immigrants. The question of finance. The need not only to seek and obtain settlers but to create the conditions here under which the settler can live and prosper after he comes to Canada.

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