Vladimir Putin

Baldwin, Warren

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The speaker's recent two-week trip to Britain. Questions he went with. The key question: "Is the maintenance of close economic ties with the United Kingdom today worth the effort we are making and the effort we will have to make? The speaker's conviction that it is worth any effort, almost any sacrifice to maintain and regain the close associations with Britain on which the economy of Canada was first developed. The new association that it will be. The end of the tariff protected Commonwealth trading bloc as we knew it before the war. The shift in the centre of the world. Calling upon Canada to take the initiative in cooperative efforts to solve our mutual problems. The speaker's reservation with regard to a certain element in Britain's Socialist Government which has been making Anglo-Canadian relations more difficult in the past five years. Increased difficulties should the element gain control in the present political crises. The unlikelihood of that event. A description of the situation offered by the speaker as if we were there in a London hall on the last night of the election campaign. The issues upon which the election was fought: jobs, houses, food, the cost of living, and taxes. Some comparison figures of income, food subsidies and social security expenditures for the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada. The housing and food situation in the U.K. The Socialists' full employment slogan perhaps the greatest single factor in preventing defeat of the Attlee Government. The effects of devaluation being felt in the cost of living. Rising costs. New wage demands. Churchill remaining the idol of the nation. The nature of the British people. The lack of mention of the important issues during the campaign. The doubtful continuation of nationalization of industry. Watching Britain's dollar exports board in action, working hard to increase Britain's Canadian and American dollar earnings; difficulties in doing so. Britain paying its debts. Restoring confidence in sterling, which really means restoring confidence in Britain as a going concern. Possibilities for solutions. The need to believe in the future of Britain.

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