Vladimir Putin

Taylor, Allan R.

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Canadian Club of Toronto. A discussion of some of the economic implications of the constitutional debate. Some naïve and dangerous assumptions in the debate. Costs to Canadians of separation. Costs in terms of our quality of life. Current damage due to uncertainty about Canada's future, particularly with regard to foreign investment. A focus on two economic imperatives to restore Canada's competitiveness, within a united country. They are: "new constitutional arrangements must enable our economic union to prosper and become increasingly competitive," and "we must pursue sound economic policies now if a renewed Canada is to inherit a solid base for prosperity." A detailed discussion of these imperatives follows, within an historical context. How and why our economic system has worked, and the current dangers if we can't continue to make it work. Some broad prerequisites for keeping the economic union strong and efficient. A closer look at Canada's markets, inter-provincially, nationally, and internationally. A discussion of current inflation, interest rates, fiscal policy, debt and deficit. Facing the challenges of disunity, and the constitutional crisis. Moving towards the priorities of the 21st century.

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