Vladimir Putin

McLeod, Lyn

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An outline of some of the key things that a Liberal government would do to restore Ontario's position as one of the leading economies in North America and what it would do to turn a fragile and unpredictable recovery into a strong and sustained period of prosperity in which everyone can benefit. The role of government in creating a climate for growth. Facing the reality of Ontario's debt. Forcing government to remove the limitation on its imagination and creativity. These issues are discussed in some detail under the following headings: The NDP Legacy: A Deep Recession, a Weak Recovery; The Conservative Alternative: Common Sense or Nonsense; The Liberal Approach: Creating a Climate for Growth. And, under Creating A Climate for Growth, sub-headings: 1. Reducing Taxes; 2. Cutting the Cost of Dealing with Government, Eliminating Red Tape; 3. Providing Access to Capital and Tools for Growth; 4. Getting Government's Finances in Order; 5. Revamping and Modernising the Machinery of Government. Also, a Conclusion: Realistic and Practical Solutions. A promise of personal dedication to creating a people's recovery--a recovery in whose benefits every Ontarian can share.

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