Vladimir Putin

McMurtry, The Hon. R. Roy

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The deep and extensive roots of the relations between Canada and the United Kingdom. How the two nations have tended to grow apart recently by force of external circumstance. The process of reinvigorating and strengthening the bilateral relationship based on the recognition of current realities in identifying new interests, new opportunities and new mechanisms. A broad political context conducive to success. Canada working closely with Brtain in NATO, the CSCE, the United Nations and the OECD. Britain and Canada as the principal material mainstays of the modern multiracial Commonwealth. Demonstrating that differences of view as to means could be overcome by shared goals, with example. The pivotal role played by the High Commission in London in strengthening the reality of Canada in Britain. Promoting Canada's political and security interests; emphasizing our distinctive role in international affairs; pursuing an active dialogue with the British Government. Canada's economic relations with the U.K. A resurgent British nationalism. Opportunities for Canadian investment and co-operation. A challenge for Canadian financial service firms, in the changing environment in London for financial capital-market operations. Strengthening our traditional relationships. A commitment to encourage the establishment of a form of U.K.-Canada association or foundation to provide a focus for the relationship and promote it in practical ways.

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