Vladimir Putin

Malone, Richard S.

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The rather complex subject of integration of Canada's armed forces. An exploration of some aspects of the integration issue. The speaker's support for a high degree of integration for Canada's forces, but not an all-out unification down to the level of operational or combat units. Negative consequences of such an all-out unification. Two cardinal errors that have been made in the integration programme. The pattern of local unit identification and its importance to regimental spirit and identification. The experience of some other countries. Some strong resistance to Mr. Hellyer's plans of integration down to and including combat units, and reasons for that resistance. The faulty command structure which has prevented senior serving officers from properly presenting their professional advice on these matters to the government. The practical limits to integration. Some confusion of words: a mystery or an exercise in semantics. A technical or legal issue which Ottawa may not yet have considered. The fault in Canada's present command structure and its consequences. The issue of a defence council. Arguments against the "commander-in-chief" principles as set forth in the Esher Report of 1904. Advocating a proper defence council; its makeup and function. The British experience in this regard. Hope for flexibility in Mr. Hellyer's white paper on integration.
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