Vladimir Putin

D'Harcourt, M. Emmanuel

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Contributing to the maintenance after this war of the team spirit which Field Marshal Montgomery has defined as a condition of victory. Philosophy of the German Menace. The German people in General de Gaulle's words. The consequences for France in terms of money and people, from the Bismark invasion of 1870-1871, the William the Second invasion in 1914, and the current occupation from 1940. The psychological effect on the people of France and on the other peoples that are immediately vulnerable to the German menace. No more risks to be taken. An examination of how the watch on the Rhine was considered between the two wars and, in the light of experience, a recollection of some of the illusions that were common then as regard the German menace. Watch on the Rhine, 1918-1940. Marshal Foch's belief that there would be no security for France and no lasting peace, so long as the Germans had Belgium, Luxemburg and Paris within their grasp, and that the German frontier should be set on the Rhine. Why the military frontier of the Rhine was refused by the Allies. Some quotes from the time from President Wilson and the press. France's failure to convince her allies of the reality of the German menace. The building of the Maginot Line, and compulsory military service for one to two years for France's male youth. The French campaign in 1940. Watch on the Rhine in the Future. The liberation of France. The issue of the possibility of a German menace in the future. The desire to see that Germany loses for good the permanent elements of her explosive dynamism. The essence of the question put by the French Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Bidault. Why France has signed a treaty with the Soviet Union, and intends to do so with Great Britain, the United States, and other countries that are threatened as France is. The danger of not being closely united. The international machinery proposed by the Dumbarton Oaks Charter. What is proposed to do with Germany and the form that the Watch on the Rhine should take in the future. No mood of revenge. Depriving Germany once and for all of the territories which have served her to this day at the same time as an arsenal and as a springboard for aggression on the West, that is, the Rhineland including the Rheno-Westphalian basin.

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