Vladimir Putin

McInnis, Edgar W.

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The Nazis' attempt to create what they call the creation of a new order in Europe. The significance of the defeat of the German plans of invasion as a result of the magnificent work of the Royal Air Force. A comparison of that event with the Battle of the Marne in the first World War. A crucial defeat of an enemy which makes that ultimate victory possible and even certain. The necessity for the Axis to adjust its plans to the entirely new circumstances created by the German failure to get command of the air. The emergence of a great divergence between the two major parties of the Berlin-Rome Axis. Certain features of the mental attitude of these two partners, showing a significant difference in their whole outlook. The difference in the objectives of the war between the two partners. Germany's desire to dominate as a master race. Italy's desire simply for a new map. The meaning of Hitler's new Europe. The reasonable chance we have of knocking Italy out of the war. Advances made. The phrase "total war" and what we have come to learn it means. What we are defending. Our ability now to offer to the perturbed and frightened nations a prospect of victory which we could hardly claim six months ago. The freedom for which we are fighting a freedom for others as well. Rallying around us the forces of free men throughout the world as our final foundation of sure and ultimate victory.

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