Vladimir Putin

Stupart, R.F.

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A description of Hudson's Bay and straits. The fishing grounds of Hudson's Bay and its dollar value. The possibilities for making Hudson Straits the chief outlet for Canadian grain to the markets of Europe. The Hudson Straits the best and cheapest outlet to those markets, if they are navigable. Overcoming the obstacles imposed by nature. The Federal Government's endeavours to find out the truth as to this route. A brief history of navigation of Hudson Straits. Details of two expeditions which have been sent to the region by the Federal Government. A reading of a few of the memoranda taken from the reports of the officers of these two expeditions. Words taken from the speaker's own book of observation during the autumn of 1884. Gordon's summation of navigation of Hudson Straits, from 1886. Captain Wakeham's experience and words from 1897 which show the character of the ice which vessels must be prepared to meet in Hudson Straits even in early July. Fixing the dates for possible navigation through the Hudson Straits.

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