Vladimir Putin

McCullagh, George

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Canadian Club of Toronto. The speaker's recent trip and his articles written for The Globe and Mail and The Telegram: some highlights of this challenging trip. Leaving home for the British Isles to get a first-hand view of Europe rising from the war. The speaker's personal impressions and the opinions gathered from many people. The speaker's conviction that war is far less a possibility today than ever since the cessation of hostilities. The Russian more hated than feared; Britain's and America's and Canada's moral prestige never higher. The easing of tension of war in Western Europe due to two things: the faith the countries of Western Europe have in the fact that Britain and America and Canada mean business, as evidence by the Atlantic pact and the remarkable improvement in the economic situation throughout Europe which has had a most comforting effect on retarding the spread of Communism within the countries outside the Iron Curtain. Recovery brought about in the main by the people, aided and encouraged by the Marshall aid. Marshall Aid eventually becoming an impediment to recovery. The duty of the authorities and administrators of the Marshall Plan to decide when it should be tapered off in the best interests of the beneficiaries themselves. The good-will that has accrued to the name of Canada as a result of the sacrifices of her bravest and best in two terrible wars. The value of such opinion. A testing time for all the world, and how that is so. Canada's part to play. The speaker's impressions of Socialism. Criticism against the Socialist doctrine, and his belief that a progressive, enlightened system guided by capitalist economy more nearly approaches the inherent rights of human beings. The situation in Britain. Understanding the strength of the British people. Economic difficulties facing Britain. Learning the lessons of English Socialism. A closer look at the Socialist doctrine in England. The "slippery slope of state coddling;" some consequences. The nature of security under the Socialist system. Combatting Socialism and Communism by amending capitalism and making it work. The danger of sacrificing freedom and dignity for so-called security. The need for room in society for severe extremes in either political camp. A look at radicalism and Conservatism. Italy, and the most encouraging picture of all Europe. The tragedy of Mussolini for the people of Italy. The contrast between England and Italy, between London and Rome. Germany, still not living in peace with itself or the rest of the world. The "something terrifyingly arrogant about this German in defeat." The speaker's conversations with, and impressions of, Germans and Germany. Canada taking an opportunity out of the plight of the German people through immigration. The threat to our peaceful world through Russia and Communism. The role of the Roman Catholic Church in fighting Communism. A discussion of the criticism aimed against the Church and the Pope. Some words about the old City of Florence. The cemetery in the Chianti Hills of Italy wherein lie many Canadians. Some remarks about Switzerland and its spirit of national unity; a lesson for Canada. The situation in France. The need for France to be assured that Germany will not rise again; the need for security. Watching football in England, and the speaker's impressions of the people. What the world situation means for Canada. Canada making more of her opportunities. Taking an intelligent interest in the affairs of our own country.

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