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Atkinson, Peter Y.

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canad and The Canadian Club of Toronto. Hollinger's role in newspaper publishing in Canada. Hollinger's dominance of the Canadian newspaper publishing industry as a recent development. Some statistics on Hollinger a year ago, and more recently. Effects of Power Corporation selling Hollinger its shares in Southam. Controversy provoked by these changes. The legitimate fears surrounding newspaper concentration. A discussion of these issues -- whether or not newspaper concentration is antithetical to the principles underpinning the dissemination of information through the press. Avoiding a sentimental or wistful approach to such a discussion. Advertising as the lifeblood of the newspaper and what that means to the industry. How large newspaper groups can achieve economies of scale. Problems, historically and recently, in the newspaper business. A look at arguments against newspaper concentration and on what they are based. The Davey Report, issued in 1971, and its conclusions. The Kent Commission Report and the recommendation of the implementation of a Canada Newspaper Act. The recent assault upon newspaper concentration dealing with Hollinger's acquisition of a controlling interest in Southam. A review of the details of that assault. The effect of a statement from the Kent Commission Report with regard to competition to newspapers from a variety of sources such as TV, home video players, etc. The resulting rationale to sell large portions of newspaper enterprises in order to pursue information technology on a large and profitable scale. Hollinger's interest in and focus on, newspaper publishing. Hollinger's rationale for these investments. Making the Southam newspapers flourish, with illustration. Successful makeovers. Asking the Council of Canadians and other Hollinger critics to relax, and to be more objective and realistic about newspaper publishing in general, and Hollinger in particular.

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