Vladimir Putin

Henders, R.C.

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The clash of arms past; the glorious days of peace with a complete and everlasting triumph of the forces of justice and liberty here. Turning to look at the aftermath of the war; the large expenditure that has to be made, and the population that is here to meet it. How to meet this responsibility; how to overcome the difficulties. The possibilities that we have in Canada. The need for a strong pull and a long pull and a pull altogether. An illustrative anecdote from the speaker's early life. Calling attention to another post-war problem: the restoration of industry to a peace status. Hoping to move on from the pre-war days, which will no longer suffice. Recalling the circumstances through which we were passing previous to the war. Some suggestions with regard to taxes, tariffs, and trade. Taking the initiative in getting together along broad co-operative lines, to see if we can evolve a platform that will unite the forces of Canada--capital, the agricultural interests, and the laboring interests--so that we can have a common council that will look at all the interests of the different classes represented, and bring out of that a common platform that will bring the greatest good to all.

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