Vladimir Putin

Osborne, Henry C.

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The subject of patriotism in general and, more particularly, Canadian patriotism. Ways in which patriotism is distinctly a product of geographical conditions, and how it is developed. Love of race, or loyalty as another quality which is closely related to patriotism. Patriotism as the conjunction of these two qualities. The moral qualities of a great and permanent people assured where race and soil combine to evoke both. Patriotism thus defined as the most lofty and elevated of all social sentiments. Canada as the offspring of two great countries, with the best qualities of both to be found among our own people. The importance of race. Taking this sentiment of patriotism for granted. The special character of Canadian patriotism. The need for discussion of Canadian patriotism, and why it is needed. Finding expression for the history of our possession of our country. Our loyalty of race; a delicate subject because of our two races. The speaker's belief about the destiny of Canada to perpetuate the British race and to testify to the principles upon which the British Empire is founded. The question as to what is to be the national, dominant, patriotism of Canada. Wishing Canada to take a more prominent position in the British Empire.

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